“The curved lines I paint is unique only to me. My grandfathers came to me in a dream and told me to paint it this way. I will continue to paint in this way forever.”Dotty Fejo, Artist

Dotty is a Larrakia woman who has lived in Darwin all her life. She is an accomplished printmaker and painter. She was taught painting by her father and uncle who are known for their carving and art within the Larrakia community.

Dotty has been involved in creating public art works, including Lyons suburb at Lee Point, where she has supplied painted canvas as well as murals and tile designs. She has also contributed to the painting of the water tank at East Arm, which tells the story of the Larrakia.

Dotty’s art focuses on food that is available from Larrakia land and sea. Her art reflects her relationship to the land and is unique in the way that she uses lines to create a three dimensional effect.

“My name is Les Huddleston or Lipwurrunga. I am from Roper River and my totem is the catfish.”Les Huddleston, Artist

My Family, mother and father were taken away when they were 5 years old from their homes at the Roper River Mission. They ended up at Groote Eylandt at Emerald River Mission, then in in 1942 when the war came they were taken by Trucks from Darwin to NSW by the Australian Army to a mission called Mulgoa, NSW.

I was born in Penrith NSW in 1959.

My father ended up working the Warragamba dam for 25 years, then our family moved back to Darwin in 1968. I was lucky because my father taught me how to play the didgeridoo and how to paint and carve.

I didn’t realise how important this would be to me, but I have become an accomplished Aboriginal Artist and have travelled throughout Australia & overseas. My family are traditional owners at Roper River of 100 square miles; we also have a traditional sacred site, which the Huddleston family are in charge of.

I’ve been painting for thirty years and I’ve sold my artwork to people and collections all around the world.

Image Image
As I have always had an eye for detail, having adopted technical aspects learned through years of painting graffiti, I have managed to bring techniques across into my later artworks combining them with the expression of movement; which I personally find very important. I love art to feel alive!
Andrew Bourke, Melbourne Artist

Andrew Bourke aka Sirum1 began Komplex Graphix in the early 2000s.

Komplex Graphix is a mural / art / illustration and design based business which has enabled Andrew to branch out from his roots as a teen painting traditional graffiti art to explore the world of art through a variety of creative projects over the last ten years.

Komplex Graphix has visioned and painted large-scale mural works throughout Australia and the world. On a smaller scale Andrew has also exhibited as a fine artist and spent extensive time in the studio refining his creative skills.

It is important for Andrew to combine his love for native fauna and flora with photography and painting, trying to capture his experiences, energy and feelings and delivering them into all of his artworks.

Visit his website

“I am Dotty Fejo’s niece. My name is Dotti Fejo and I am learning a lot in this project.”
Dotti Fejo, emerging Artist

Dotti is a Larrakia woman was born in Darwin and grew up in Acacia Larrakia Community.

She began painting as a child learning from her Daddy JJ. This is Dotti’s first time being involved in a large-scale public art project.

Dotti usually paints on canvas so this project is a professional development opportunity in painting murals as well as a learning opportunity from her aunty. Dotti’s signature artwork is the saltwater and freshwater hermit crab and lilly pads.

Jesse BelleProper Creative

Jesse Bell is Darwin’s rising star of street art. 

Jesse works with David Collins and is the other half of Proper Creative.

Jesse has his own business doing small custom canvasses, shirts and personalised skateboards to full-size private, corporate and industrial wall murals.

Jesse is also a basketball star but these days his hands are mostly painting.

Take a look at Jesse's work at the Proper Creative Facebook page

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David CollinsMayfair Gallery and Proper Creative
Image Image

David Collins has worked in various roles in the arts but also has a background working with young people and crime prevention.

In 2015 David launched Mayfair gallery and in 2016 David paired up with Jesse Bell to paint ten bus stops around Darwin in an effort to stop graffiti.

Since then David has worked with Darwin Festival and conceived and directed the Darwin Street Art Festival. In 2017 David and Jesse set up Proper Creative who you can find on Facebook.

Check out the Mayfair Gallery Facebook page
Check out the Proper Creative Facebook page
Check out the Darwin Street Art Festival website

“Connecting with people living in Bagot and learning the real history of this community has been such an honour and reminder of our shared history.”Steph Vajda

Steph is a creative producer, engagement specialist and film maker who draws on twenty years of advocacy, creative community engagement, social planning and multimedia experience.

With award winning skills in participatory process design, cross-cultural facilitation, community workshop / event design and community planning, Steph specialises in using creative approaches to activating public space, encouraging cultural expression, connecting community voice with decision making and sharing stories. He works through his consultancy agency Ferment Collaborate.

Steph conducted interviews with members of the Bagot community,  designed this website and worked with Lukas Bendel of iBallDome to create the Virtual Tour. 

Check out Steph's website 
Check out Steph's Vimeo channel
Check out Steph's Facebook page

Lukas BendelIBallDome 360 Virtual Tours

Lukas Bendel is at the forefront of of 360 video production and virtual reality experiences in the Darwin and the Top End. An early adopter of the potential of the format, Lukas built his own 360 camera using seven gopros with a 3D printed rig before custom made 360 cameras were on the market. Exploring the medium in both creative and professional avenues, Bendel has worked for the likes of Tourism NT, Charles Darwin University and real estate firms both in the Top End and overseas, who are keen to capitalise on the potential of the expanded video format.

Bendel's business iBalldome began with a large inflatable projection dome in 2011, as seen at the Nightcliff Seabreeze Festival. Lukas is also an accomplished musician, performing professionally as a drummer for the past 24 years both locally and internationally.

Lukas did the backend on the Virtual Tour on this website.

Check out Lukas's Facebook page

Anna Weekes

Anna Weekes is a Northern Territory based Community Cultural Artist.

Anna has worked with Bagot Community and artist previously and has facilitated a number of projects in Bagot.

She utilises a range of artistic mediums to promote dialogue and communication in community.

Anna worked with the Painting Home Project as a community artist and mentor.

Check out Anna's blog site

“I am passionate about creating new ways to view, access, create and share contemporary art and creative practice.”Kieren Sanderson, Creative Producer, Facilitator and Project Creator

I am a creative producer who has lived and worked in remote and regional Australia for most of her working life. 

I have been working with Bagot community for over five years. During that time I haver produced numerous interdisciplinary projects that explore the nexus between context and content, inspired by history, human ecology, storytelling and cultural knowledge.

You can see more of my work on my website