“Karu” is already a powerful work…

This image has been taken at the beginning of the work..and it is already grabbing people.
Karu is the Larrakia word for child and that’s the title of Site 1 at the entrance to Bagot Community. The artwork is a picture of a child’s face looking out from behind a fence. When reading the history of Bagot, the physicality of a fence comes up regularly.

Vai Stanton told how the old tribal women would come up to the fence and call the little children over. When the little children came over, ‘the old women would hold their little hands through the wire and tell them who they were, who their mothers were, where they’d come from, what their skin was, what their totem and dreaming was’ (Gilbert 1978:5-25).

Fences were used to keep the aboriginal people apart from each other and there was also a curfew at Bagot so the aboriginal people were always kept behind fences…under control…out of sight.

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